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I recently traveled to Central California, including the San Francisco Bay area, Monterey Bay, and Yosemite National Park. I took over 1000 photos, dozens of them actually in focus.  Below are some of my favorites, manipulated to black and white as an experiment in contrast and color. ALL photos are the exclusive property of iamintellectuallypromiscuous.com and Holly Cochran. Unauthorized use or reproduction is explicitly not permitted.

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Starting with San Francisco Bay ~~~

Americas Cup

Americas Cup Sailboat in SF Bay

Gull and Buoy

SF Bay Buoy and Seagull

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge



San Francisco Skyline from the Bay



Alcatraz Building



Alcatraz Blockhouse and Light House


Then traveling to Yosemite National Park ~~~

Bridal Veil Fall

Bridal Veil Fall – Not quite dried up this summer


El Capitan

El Capitan


Half Dome

Yosemite Vista Including Half Dome in the Far Distance


granite composition



Mountain Vista

Mountain Vista in Yosemite

granite 2

Granite Composition 2

Tuoleme LakeLake Showing Reduced Water Levels


Then to the Mariposa Grove of giant Sequoia trees, also in Yosemite ~~~

Mariposa Grove

Sequoia Perspective


Mariposa Grove

Carvings on a fallen Sequoia


Mariposa Grove

Giant Fallen Sequoia

Mariposa GroveSequoia with burn scar and evidence of new life

Mariposa Grove

Sequoia Grove


Finally, to Monterey Bay and the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium ~~~

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Jellie Study


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Another jellie


Monterey Bay Aquarium



Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Bird Hangout


Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Tidal Pool


Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Gulls


Check out my next post for Colors of California.

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest’s Fallen Adventurers

The bodies of those claimed by the peaks of Everest remain preserved as warnings of the perils of the highest mountain in the world.

Many have climbed to the top of the world on Mt. Everest, and many have failed. What happens to those who fall to the perils of Everest, a mountain with a place labeled “The Death Zone” around 26,000 feet above sea level.

Mt. Everest - photo courtesy of Getty images

Mt. Everest – photo courtesy of Getty images

Above 26,000 feet, temperatures nosedive, winds buffet the mountain, and the ice creates a slippery and deadly risk to climbers. Low atmospheric pressure is the silent killer at this height, where only about ½ the oxygen exists compared to sea level. Climbers who fail to acclimate prior to the ascent can black out in minutes. It takes at least 12 hours to travel through this stretch of the great mountain.

The dead lie as they fell. This one was resting against a snow drift when he died.

The dead lie as they fell. This one was resting against a snow drift when he died.

For those who fall, they usually stay where they lie. It is often impossible to recover a body under the conditions that led to their demise. The rest on the ice and snows, reminding those that follow that a simple misstep, a careless mistake, or a freak act of nature, can send them to the same end.

One of the earliest Everest dead to be found, face down where he fell

One of the earliest Everest dead to be found, face down where he fell

An injured climber unable to go on risks the lives of the entire climbing party. They are often abandoned by their climbing team simply because it is too dangerous to save them. Survival for the majority of the climbers takes precedence.

green boots on everes

This infamous climber’s neon green boots point the way to travelers during their ascent of the mountain

Over 150 explorers claimed by Mt. Everest lie in state in their icy, above-ground tombs. The conditions that killed them also preserve them. Many bodies are never located, and fewer still are recovered after being found. They lie as a grim and graphic reminder of the cost to reach the top of Everest.

Check out some books related to climbing Mt. Everest and the dangers of the adventure.