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Pet Stuffs

I am owned by 4 cats and a geriatric Border Collie mix dog. Everything I own is covered in a layer of fur. Drifts of discarded fur are found under every piece of furniture. I can’t sit down after getting dressed in the mornings, because my back side will be covered in fur. I gave up on those tape-roller sticky things long ago. They are no match for my herd. I spend more on pet food and cat litter each month than I do on food for myself. True story. But, I love them, and I don’t know what I would do without them. They all meet me, 5 pairs of hungry eyes at the bottom of the stairs, when I get home from work. They greet me every day when they hear my alarm go off. They are the reason I keep my kitchen counters free of clutter, and absolutely do not leave food out anywhere in the house. They are the reason I get motivated to dust and vacuum on a regular basis. They are also the reason I spent a giant pile of money on a good carpet shampooer and a specialty “pet” vacuum. They are priceless.

Cat Shaming

This is Akela aka Meeps. She likes to chew through power cords for my laptop computer. This has cost me 3 power cords so far.

To counteract Meeps and her laptop cord habit, I bought this off Amazon on 9/11/2012. No further laptop cords have been harmed, and Meeps has moved on to other prey.

Critter Cord

Critter Cord, available from Amazon. Way cheaper than replacing laptop power cords.

I suggest your buy it, too, if you have a power vampire pet. Now, the worst thing that happens to my power cord is the dog lays on it, right where it hooks into the adapter box, causing the cord to come unplugged. Silly pet creatures.