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Bill O’Reilly Thinks Shoeless Veterans are Causing the Deficit


Bill O’Reilly Thinks Shoeless Veterans Are Causing The Deficit

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For a while there, back when Glenn Beck was making all the right-wing headlines, I consciously thought to myself that, “hey, maybe Bill O’Reilly isn’t that bad. Maybe he’s closer to the center than I thought.”


It turns out that just because the light of the sun will drown out the light from a billion candlepower searchlight, it doesn’t mean the searchlight isn’t still really bright. In this case, Beck’s persistent douche-baggery was able to at least mask the scent of O’Reilly’s in the short term but, as stank does, it was only a matter of time before we all got a nose full of ol’ Uncle Bill again.

Case in point: Recently, Bill (I’m done calling him O’Reilly, the journalistic equivalent of “Mr.”), took to the airwaves to drop what you can tell he thinks is just a gigantic bombshell: that the shoeless man in New York City, Jeffery Hillman, whom an officer purchased a pair of boots for, the subsequent photo of which went viral, isn’t actually homeless. He has an apartment as the result of government benefits.

See the original story here, for the video: Addicting Info:

What Bill neglects to mention throughout his smug little diatribe is that the man’s housing comes courtesy of combined veteran’s and social security benefits and he was homeless as recently as last year, as reported by NBC New York. He then goes on a breathless rant about the perils of such government subsidization, telling the rest of the God-fearing, taxpaying citizens of the nation that they’re being fleeced by men like this who, according to Bill, prefer to live life shoeless on the street, costing the taxpayer untold sums of money to keep them, likely in this case and in countless others, alive.


Have I mentioned how much I despise Bill-O? (ed.)