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12/1/2012 Highly recommended.

Alda Book

Alan Alda – “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself”

Beloved actor and acclaimed author Alan Alda offers an insightful and funny look at some impossible questions he’s asked himself over the years: What do I value? What, exactly, is the good life? (And what does that even mean?) Here, Alda listens in on things he’s heard himself saying at critical points in his life–from the turbulence of the sixties, to his first Broadway show, to the birth of his children, to the ache of September 11, and beyond. Reflecting on the transitions in his life and in all our lives, he notices that “doorways are where the truth is told,” and wonders if there’s one thing–art, activism, family, money, fame–that could lead to a “life of meaning.” In a book that is candid, wise, and as questioning as it is incisive, Alda amuses and moves us with his uniquely hilarious meditations on questions great and small.


Warning: Addictive. Should be a black-box label on the thing.


Kindle Touch 3g. I spent $80. The new and improved Paperwhite version is at Amazon for $179. Probably even more addictive. E-hoarding should now be in the DSM as a legit diagnosis.


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If you read no other book in the next month, read this one:Communion of Dreams by James Downey. James is a long time friend of mine, this is his debut fiction outing. It is very deep and insightful, extremely well researched, and leaves the reader wanting more. It is considered sci-fi, I would also include philosophy, ethics, drama and speculative fiction to the list. Even if those topics are not usually your cup of tea, take this book out for a spin. It will be well worth your time. Visit Downey’s home page, too, for updates on his latest work and works in progress.

If you read a second book in the next couple of months, read The Prophet’s Way by Thom Hartmann. Hartmann is heard on Sirius XM radio, Armed Forces radio, and on the Current TV network. His many books are all extremely well researched, well thought out and imminently readable. The Prophet’s Way examines Hartmann’s personal spiritual journey. It is fascinating on an individual level, and also provides wonderful lessons for all of us on our own quests for meaning in life. Visit Hartmann’s web site for many morewonderful titles.

Finally, it is time to get caught up on Game of Thrones, in preparation for the next season (starting in January on HBO). Get your copies of the series books, by George RR Martin here. And get to reading!