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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses: Turn Your Eyes Into Cartoons

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Once upon a time, we viewed contact lenses as a great invention. Then we saw them as a necessary innovation, because glasses were so uncool. Glasses became cool again, so contacts had to step up their game to stay in the race. Colored contacts and special effects contacts became common.

Contact Lenses

Cosmetic Contact Lenses – the creepy ones

Now, those wacky folks at icandycontactlens.com have taken it to another level entirely. Hello Kitty contact lenses, in several different colors, for the low price of $22.95.

What good is an obsession with Hello Kitty if you can’t stick the cat directly on your eyeball. You can get one big Hello Kitty cat face to cover your iris, or contact lenses with a ring of tiny cat faces encircling the pupil.

Contact lenses

Giant cat face on eyeball.

We thought the Hello Kitty thing was fading. Alas, no. Is there nothing that can’t be Kitty-sized? If the eyes are the windows of the soul, what does wearing a Hello Kitty head on your eye say about you?

According to the icandycontactlens website, “… the world’s first ANTI RADIATION kitty themed cosmetic lens was designed …  Natural sparkling patterns, comfort, clarity, and very high permeability…”

contact lenses

Actual ad for the Hello Kitty contact lenses

Emphasis on ANTI RADIATION is mine. Anti-radiation cats? Anti-radiation contacts? Seriously, WTF? How on Earth have we survived this long without ANTI RADIATION protection for our eyes? No wonder things are weird. Global warming and climate change, weird weather, and now this? I blame our lack of proper eyewear.

contact lenses

I think people would stare

I want the purple ones, how about you?

Images and information from icandycontactlens.com