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Freelance Writer Gigs


While I am off work due to injury, I am working on setting up a number of free lance writing gigs. Most are ghost writing articles for other blogs and websites, but I am also close to inking a deal to ghost write an entire book. Many of these sites need talented writers in specialty niches – automobile stuff, law, fashion, computer and IT stuff, and so forth. They don’t pay huge money but they do pay. The more work you do and the better quality work you do equals more money. Plus it is fun – for me anyway – to get back into the writing habit after millions of years of latency.


Textbroker.com    : Authors submit some writing samples and are rated by the TB editors for quality. They use AP style, so be warned. Based on your rating, you can then bid on writing jobs. Usually jobs pay either by the job or by the word. There are teams you can bid to join, as well, and these are more specialized. Writers who become recognized or popular within their niche can receive direct orders from clients who request them specifically.  They have an excellent blog, offering professional editor-type help as well as author-to-author help. Orders are paid as soon as they are accepted, and you can get a weekly payout through Paypal. Every article is checked by editors through Copyscape, and they have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Editors give you feedback on your articles and how to improve.



ELance.com         : Higher end site for authors to put in proposals to complete jobs posted by buyers. Some of the jobs are small – blog articles and posts. Some are huge – contracting for 30 articles per month indefinitely. Some are really huge – like my pending potential ghostwriting of a novel. Pay rates vary widely, as do the agreements on whether articles are published under your own name or that of the buyer. The buyer request must be very specific in this regard. Some of the job requests specify they may turn into full time offers if things go well, so that is unique.  There are also jobs for programming and IT services, consulting, marketing assistance, administrative assistance, engineering and legal contracts. It is worth checking out if you are wanting to pick up odds and ends, or to work on supplementing your resume. They currently list popular skills in demand as:  HTML (1028 available), WordPress (886), PHP (883), Marketing (825), Mobile (743), CSS (739), Database (695), English (675), Testing (638), Android (567), SQL (526), Sales (509). There are also many translating jobs advertised if you have those skills.


Elance – hire me online






Helium.com          : I am new to this site and haven’t really seen much about how they work. They seem to be similar to Textbroker, but authors also peer-review articles. There seems to be a lot of networking type activity going on, more of a support group for writers. It appears you choose your own article topics and write the articles, posting them to the site. Other authors review them and click on them, building your popularity and entering you in contests. Article ideas/needs are also posted, and authors can claim them and write the article.  The unique thing about this site is authors publish under their own name, and many of the payments are for revenue sharing – the more clicks your article gets, the more you get paid, sort of like residuals on a book or TV spot.


Helium logo – Where Knowledge Rules







Fiverr.com           : Anyone, not just writers, can post ads for things they will do for $5, called “gigs.”  I posted gigs to write short blog or website articles, or for promoting stuff here on this site. So far, I am getting a fair bit of business for the blog postings, and have gotten “promoted” to a Level 1 seller. This allows me to add extras into my gigs – for instance more words in the article for another $10, faster service/same day service for $20, and so forth. Some of the folks on this site do really neat stuff, other are just plain silly. However, if you are willing to do little bits of things for little bits of money that do add up, it is worth checking out.

Fiverr weird gig

I will creepily sing happy birthday for $5







VFiverr.com        : Absolute clone of Fiverr.com   I have a profile there, and gigs identical to Fiverr.com, but have received zero orders. It appears very few people use the site in general, so I will probably be taking down my profile to focus on the others in which I am getting orders.


I will manage your Facebook account for 1 day for $5





In researching the freelance market, there are tons of other freelance writing sites out there. I have not had the energy or motivation to check them out, but here are there names and links if you are interested.

Write for Cracked.com  New Here? Read This. | All of Your Questions Answered Here | Cracked.com Forums

Write for eHow.com   eHow | How to Videos, Articles & More – Discover the expert in you. | eHow.com

Write for Yahoo.com   Yahoo! Contributor Network – contributor.yahoo.com

Real Writing Jobs.com  Real Writing Jobs – Earn Extra Money Writing!

MadContent.com    Premium Content Writing, Buy Articles, SEO Articles, Niche Review Articles, Buy Content, Unique SEO Articles

DailyArticle.com   Buy Articles, Purchase Tutorials, Order Website Content | Unique SEO Articles | Search Engine Ready | Daily Article

IgnitePoint.com   Showing You How to Ignite Your WOW at IgnitePoint.com

Instant Article Wizard  Instant Article Wizard – Write quality articles on any subject in minutes!

ArticleWorld.net   ArticleWorld.net Free Articles

Interact Media.com  Website Content Made Simple

ContentCurrent.com  SEO Article Writing Service | Crowdsource Content | Professional Online Copywriting | ContentCurrent.com

Quality Gal.com    QualityGal.com | All About High Quality Content

Cloud Crowd on Facebook   (14) CloudCrowd on Facebook

GetArticlesDone.com   GetArticlesDone – Bulk Article Writing Service

EzineArticles.com      EzineArticles Submission – Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints

Ecopywriters.com    Copywriters – SEO Copywriting Services – Freelance Copywriter

ArticlesforSale.com    Articles for Sale

Ozio Media.com  Ozio Media | Copywriting, SEO Writing, Reports, Ebooks

WritingThoughts.com   WritingThoughts

ExpressWriterTeam.com   Home – Professional Writing Services, web content, website pages, blogs, press releases, resumes – Express Writers

WaterMyBlog.com   Blog Writing Service & Content Marketing Service for Small Business | WaterMyBlog

Triond.com    Triond – Publish Writing, Poetry, Music, Video & Content Online

Write for YahooVoices   Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com

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