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Musical Tesla Coil

Some stuff is just too cool not to re-blog. This is one of those things.

Musical Tesla Coil

Tiny Musical Tesla Coil

Found originally at Oh Gizmo!

the maker claims the Tiny Musical Tesla Coil can play music via your laptop and a USB cable. At only 6″ tall, the coil plays MIDI tunes direct from your computer by controlling pressure waves generated by 4″ sparks from the coil. Of course, some assembly is required, including basic soldering, hand tools and paint-on or spray-on varnish. The kit contains a single-resonant solid-state SSTC Tesla Coil that is safe and reliable and costs about $229. Pretty freaking awesome, in my opinion.

Product page at Think Geek

The ULTIMATE Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide


The Coolest Thing I’ve Found On The Internet In Just About Forever

 Open Culture banner

750 online college courses from some of the most prestigious universities and professors in the US and UK, available as online courses or iTunes downloads. Of course, there is no credit attached to them and you won’t earn any degree. However, if you want to enhance your learning with the real deal but have no money, this is the place to go.

For the truly intellectually promiscuous OpenCulture offers everything from astrophysics to engineering, psychology to law and more. It also links to other free learning experiences, like free language classes, free kids classes, free movies and free textbooks.

I like that. A lot. Knowledge and learning available to anyone with access to a computer for free. There are even free certification courses available. just became the poster site for


9 Negative Social Habits to Quit Today – From Marc and Angel Hack Life

When it comes to bad, self-defeating habits, there’s no time like today to quit cold turkey.

Cutting out these negative habits makes it simpler to foster good relationships by getting to the heart of productive communication, so why not start today?

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel Hack Life – 9 Negative Social Habits to Stop NOW

Words we can all use. Check out Marc and Angel Hack Life, subscribe to their RSS. They bring daily doses of how to make your life better, and they are always spot on target.

Highly Recommended.


Article “Trusting Yourself-and Life, Again”

 Article “Trusting Yourself-and Life, Again”

JaiKaur: Women’s Grace, Grit & Gratitude
My clients entrust me with helping them update their beliefs, habits, and choices for creating more joy, integrity, and health in themselves and their relationships.  We begin by building a foundation for learning to trust (again) themselves, life, and their dreams. And once they have done so “well enough”, there is little in life they cannot meet with confidence, creativity, and courage.  

One of the passages engaged in the process of change is realizing how much of what you have been taught (or concluded) about life, needs updating. Not unlike computer operating systems needing to be updated to stay of service, your personal operating system of beliefs, habits, and daily choices need updating as well. Updating your operating system not only increases your satisfaction and fulfillment in life, it is a critical component to living your unique power, purpose, and your passions in life.

One of the software updates I teach people is learning the difference between a conscious/pro-active choice and and a default/reactive choice.  There is much confusion, even with people working on being more conscious (from Latin meaning “knowing of oneself or of others”), of just where is the line between acceptance and response-ability, between being passive and surrendering, between going with the flow and being in their default (from Latin meaning “failing, deceiving”) comfort zone. 

 The answers you seek for crafting a life of joy and purpose, lie not only in the facts you’ve been taught about life…the answers await your living the truths within yourself as well. When you learn to trust your inner authority of knowing, you learn to trust yourself and life again, bringing balance to the authority of the facts outside. Challenging? Perhaps, yet not as challenging as feeling you are lacking meaning of your life, or devoid of truths your own. Honoring your personal (inner) authority carries the price of sacrificing (from Latin meaning “holy”) the false comfort of your defaults in life, for the delight and power of your living spirit in flow.

 Finding your balance between outer authority (from Latin meaning “giving power and control”) you default your power to, and living the wisdom of your inner authority, is a process rewarding and a process requiring commitment, containment, and community.  Awakening to more of your power-as is told by myths young and old-carries with it risks and dangers teachers, guides, and mentors shepherd their students through safely. (Think Gandolf in “Lord of the Rings”). The Western myth of the solitary nature of coming into wisdom and power, is simply a myth, not a truth.


“The first time I went to see JaiKaur, I wanted to keep an open
mind, but really didn’t expect much out of the session. While I
have always thought I was a spiritual person (though not all
that religious), the experience I had was nothing short of life-
evolving. Deep, vivid, spiritual images came to me, with an
emotional connection that was nearly overwhelming. That
session, and those that followed, along with JaiKaur’s guidance
and her own life experiences, helped me to come to some
clarity with regards to several challenging situations in my life.
In short, I find myself very thankful for having that open mind
in the first place, and working with JaiKaur to on my powerful
and personal path of discovery.”  ~Todd

IN Closing,
Look for the second in my series on learning to trust yourself and life again. Human life is an elegant art and science, with delight (from Latin meaning “with light”) and integrity easing your journey. For as ee.cummings put it so eloquently, “to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it’s best night and day to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight”
xo, JaiKaur

JaiKaur mentors women seeking to live their unique power, purpose, and perceptions in a world seeking leadership for change. She offers contemporary and powerful wisdom for supporting women to emboldened living of their purpose, power, and gifts of perception.  JaiKaur knows when a woman honors her grace, grit, and gratitude, she becomes a force to be reckoned with!  To learn more about JaiKaur and the gift of services she offers women, visit her website


Zombie Experience Days

Zombie Experience Days

It’s events like this that make me want to live in the UK.  Zombie LARP (live action role play) underground in London. I know, Mizzou has Zombies vs Humans, but there is something to be said for the subterranean factor, yes? The site, Cool Days Out, reviews “experience days” in the UK, and the Zombie Experience Days are reported to be awesome. I, for one, am totally jealous. Check out the Zombie Battle London page, and maybe some of the other adrenaline junkie outings. And buy me a ticket while you’re at it, because I already have a passport!


Want to help a wounded military man or woman learn to fly fish, tie flies or build fishing rods?

Want to help a wounded military man or woman learn to fly fish, tie flies or build fishing rods?

A catchphrase making the rounds nowadays is “I want to do something to make a difference”. What makes a difference varies from person to person but here’s something that will definitely make a difference regardless of your political persuasion: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

Find out more at Cochran’s Cartoons or at the PHWFF home page.

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters


Happy New Birthday

On January 25, 2013 my daughter was reborn as a healthy, no heart problem present adult.

She has suffered from PSVT Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia since birth in December 1985. No one had any idea she had this till she was born and had heart rates well over 220 bpm. Not healthy for a kid. She spent the first 10 days of her life in the Neonatal ICU at Kansas University Medical Center. Her doctor there was Kenneth Goertz, MD and he still practices at the KUMed NICU.

After that, it was 6 months on a monitor 24/7 plus two different medications every day. The monitor went away when she started to crawl, but the medications stayed until she was at least two. Multiple PVST episodes, ER trips and panicked parent moments happened in that time. The doctors believed she had outgrown the issue while she was in preschool, so we never thought another moment about it until she reached middle school. Around that time she started reporting episodes of rapid heart beat and chest pain. Of course, by the time we got to the ER, nothing was found on the EKGs.

Healthy heart

Healthy Heart Function

The episodes continued occasionally through college but as my daughter reached her 20’s they really increased in frequency. She started feeling faint when they occurred, including while driving. Again, not a great scenario. In the past year they had really peaked. She spent a month hooked up to a monitor and it captured at least 15 distinct PVST episodes during that time. She consulted with a cardiologist who offered her 2 options – cardiac catheterization and ablation of the offending place inside her heart, or be on medication forever. The daughter chose the procedure.

It occurred on 1/25/2013 at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, with Dr. Peter Park as the officiating electro-cardiologist. We were all nervous and in some level of tears while waiting for them to take the daughter into the surgery suite. As the doctor and his assistant were explaining the procedure and showing us the catheterization leads that would be used, I came as close as I ever have to fainting. I got hot and couldn’t breathe and thought I was going to faint even after I sat down and loosened my warm clothes.

Once it was time for her to go to surgery, I really lost it. Sobbing uncontrollably and hating myself for doing so – shouldn’t I be strong and stoic, to give her a good start to this procedure? I failed in that but succeeded in conveying how much I love her and wanted this issue to finally be fixed. 27 years of living with this over her head, always wondering if it will cause her to suddenly drop dead or wreck in traffic or just be an ongoing pest.

PSVT Heart

How a heart with PSVT works, including the accessory channel issue

About 3 hours later – and approximate hourly updates from inside the catheterization suite – we received word she was done and in recovery. About 1/2 hour after THAT, the daughter was ready to be moved to her room. The hospital was keeping her overnight for observation.We were told the offending bit of heart was a “concealed accessory channel” and we all had to Google that. It is a side channel of heart muscle that transmits the electrical rhythm of the heart in ways and to places it should not go, causing the weird heart rhythms. It is called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. The ablation procedure had basically cauterized that bit of heart, closing that channel and creating scar tissue over it instead. Now her electrical signals will only go where and when they are supposed to go.

Daughter was on her gurney in the hall with her nurse, sobbing with relief that 1) the procedure was over and she lived, and 2) she was told she was cured. She couldn’t process the fact that this thing was gone, she had never EVER lived a day in her life without it and it was weird. We got her to her room, there were more tears of relief all around. Once I knew she was settled for the day I left her in the more-than-capable care of her husband and her father. All the relatives had been notified of the successful outcome. 27 years of carrying the burden of having given the child this burden were gone. She had been healed.

More importantly, she has another 75 years or more of health and happiness as almost a new person. I thank every deity around us and in every form for watching over her all these years and for giving her the best father and the best husband a girl can have, and for bringing excellent doctors and top technology into her life.  She had a great team in Dr. Park, his assistant and the nurses who cared for her.

May her new life be blessed with health, happiness and peace.


Healthy Heart Forever


Best Advice I’ve Seen In a While

Highly Recommended Reading…

5 Small Steps That Changed My Life in 2012

by Kimberlee on The Peaceful Mom

5 Small Steps That Changed My Life In 2012-One of my favorite things to do in January is to take a look at the previous year to evaluate what worked well and what areas I need to improve. As I reflected on this past year, I realized that there were five small changes that I made which truly improved my life, so I thought I would share them with you.

The Peaceful Mom

Maybe these particular steps won’t help you, but the idea is that by making small changes consistently over time, you can improve the quality of your life. This time next year, you will be able to look back and see how far you’ve come


posted with permission of the author