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Cool Justice, Episode 1

This is some funny stuff right here.

Picture Starsky and Hutch meets Reno 911.  Cool Justice, Episode 1.   They are also finalists in a webseries competition, so be sure to give them a “Like”.

Created by Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh

Directed by Jeff Hodson

Starring Camilla Greenberg as Zoe BenEffron

Brian Groh as Helen Wheels

Todd Rulapaugh as Brody Cuffs

Tom Martin as Smitty

Jonathan Grey as Professor Dr. BenEffron

Dan Emo as Squirrel

Tristan Butler as Dirty Nasty.


Producer Luke Elliott

Camera C. Drew Unser

Lighting Edwin Kim

Sound – Matt Burgette

Makeup/Effects – Sara DeMuri

Art – Avo Soltes

Editor – Phil Mucci

Composer- Dan Dombrowsky