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Holiday Fun With Balls

One must assume Apartment Therapy published this headline, and the article intro (below the picture) fully intending to garner the sophmoric giggling, Beavis and Butthead “he said balls” crowd. They were right, so naturally here I am to pile on.  Enjoy!



Have you every noticed how much the holidays are all about balls? Rum balls. Cheese balls. Mistletoe kissing balls. Ball ornaments. Balls, balls and more balls. So, in the spirit of the season, this post is about origami. Just kidding. It’s about balls. To be more specific, unfinished wood balls. Here are six fun holiday DIY projects, all using balls. Balls.

Check out the entire Apartment Therapy post here.



11/29/2012: The cognitive dissonance of having an image in one’s head of how their DIY project will turn out vs the reality of DIY nightmares. Your chronic HGTV habit crashes headfirst into the reality of your suckage with power tools. Forgetting that the sparkling clean, perfectly organized homes showcased on the TV were professionally cleaned and staged, yours is not. Check out this great article, and words of wisdom, from Apartment Therapy: Know Thyself- Setting Realistic Decorating Expectations.

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11/22/2012: Like music like Iggy and the Stooges, The Ramones, etc. only with a modern twist? Check out Kung Fury, a New York-based band containing my very own cousin Shaun Brennan. Brennan also does work as a Foley artist (sound effects) for some very major motion pictures and some of your favorite video games (Red Dead Redemption, anyone?) . Check out the music, check out the videography of Shaun.