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Electrolux Design Contest

My Dream Bots: Tiny, Flying, House-Cleaning Robots!

The annual Electrolux Design Contest is always full of amazing innovations. This year, the winner features tiny flying robots that clean your house for you. For many of us, that is even better than jet packs and flying cars.

Adrian Perez Zapata, a student at Universidad San Buenaventura Medellín and Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia, envisions a set of 908 bots assessing the home and then cleaning what seems dirty. Perez Zapata was inspired by watching bees pollinating a flower in his university gardens.



Swarm of MAB Flying, Cleaning Robots with their Spherical Mother Ship

The concept, called Mab, requires a short initial configuration to work independently. Users can schedule cleanings or request custom cleaning of particular areas in the home. Mab also recommends a weekly cleaning cycle based on the bots’ scan of the environment. The system can connect to home networks including computers and cell phones to report their progress or any problems.

The microbot bugs swarm out of their spherical mother ship, deposit tiny amounts of water and cleaning solution onto dirty surfaces, then suck up the dirty water. The swarm returns to the core and unloads their dirty water before venturing on to the next cleaning project. Solar powered tiny spinning propellers move the robots through the air.


Solar Powered Flying Housecleaning Robots

Images courtesy Electrolux Design Lab