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Follow my daughter’s sister-in-law’s blog about being an expat in China

CARLY PHYSIOC is a writer and blogger currently based in Beijing. She is a professional expat and, prior to living in China, has lived and traveled through out the United States, Europe and Africa. She holds a master’s degree in Classics from St. John’s College in Annapolis and her writing has appeared in various journals, most recently in Gargoyle Magazine . When she is not at her writing desk, you can find her out and about with her three children trying to discover recognizable food options and avoiding being the cause of international incidents.

Her blog is http://oceanperson.com

A Postcard from Venus… er… Beijing, or, a Polemic on Pollution




A factory burned for three hours on Saturday before anyone noticed.  All that black smoke and stench of the factory fire was smothered beneath the even greater generalized poison of the worst pollution to ever hit the city in the history of its record keeping.

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