Spring Clean Your Home and Your Heart

Your home needs to be your sanctuary, your safe place, your joy. You need to feel it surrounding you like a comfy blanket when you walk in. It needs to have enough air for you to breathe and feel free. Your home needs to be a nurturing reflection of your best inner self. Spring is the time of renewal so what better time is there to clean your home and your heart and take steps towards having a haven in your own house.


First, take stock of your house as if you were an outside observer. What do you love? What is just in the way? What makes you wonder why it’s there in the first place? Where do you feel comfortable, and where do you feel ill at ease? Are there places and spaces you never use?  What greets you when you open your eyes in the morning? What welcomes you when you walk in the door at the end of the day? Do some things no longer reflect the real you? Are there things you need to just let go of because you have grown past them. Make some notes about what impresses you – good and bad, and any inspirations you may have. Is there an object in your house that just speaks volumes about you and what you want? This is not the time for a to-do list; this is a time for observing.


Next, it’s time to weed the garden that is your home. It is time to let go of anything you no longer use, anything that reminds you of something negative, anything that is broken, outdated or worn out, and anything that doesn’t feel good – chairs that are uncomfortable, itchy clothes, jeans that pinch your belly. All that stuff is just extra weight you carry with you, and that you can release safely. Have a garage or yard sale, or load up the car and gift a charity thrift shop (keep the receipt for tax purposes!)

Third, tend to the things you will keep. If you truly adore, love and value something, keep it. Even everyday objects that you enjoy using can be something you value and keep. Clean and fix everything that you will be keeping. Clean the house from top to bottom. Open the windows on every nice day and air out the house. Shampoo the carpets, dust everything, clean all the windows and the baseboards, clean the appliances, replace fading light bulbs, flip your mattress, and wash all your linens and comforters. Make repairs to your home that are needed.


As you care for and clean your home, care for and clean your spirit as well. Enjoy the feeling of light and air and the lightened burdens you carry. Take the time to spiritually cleanse any places in your home that carry a negative memory. Use whatever ritual feels right to you – it may be praying, or lighting incense, smudging with sage or sweet grass, or any other sacred healing method you know or read about. Clean out the negative energy and replace it with light and loving vibes. Maintain those by keeping that space light and full of items that speak to you of love and peace.


It’s time to plan for the future, now that the junk is cleaned away. Think about the you that you want to create. Try new things at home and when you are out in your community. It can be as simple as taking a different route home from work to see different sights, or trying out a new restaurant. You can find inspiration anywhere if you are open to it. Start a new board on Pinterest, or a real-life pin board of motivational and inspirational things. Anything will work here, as long as it lifts your spirits and makes you happy. Add things you dream about being, doing or seeing. Use symbols or photos that represent things that are joys to you. Then, find tangible things that represent your dreams, and bring them into your home. Haunt thrift shops and flea markets, eBay and Craigslist, yard sales and so forth. Find objects that reflect the you that is about to be. Just by bringing in these objects that inspire you, you open the door for that reality to begin to manifest itself.

inspiration board

Obviously you will not have unlimited funds to re-do your entire life. Even baby steps will make a difference. Paint your bedroom the color you really want, even if it is unconventional. Put up a funky shower curtain that makes you smile every morning. Rearrange furniture to open up the traffic flow and to make more room for friends, family and yourself. Make your home say it’s yours with every deliberate choice you put into it. Finish the re-do with easy and inexpensive beautiful touches like fresh flowers, music you love, a scent you adore. These things are quick and easy, but make such a huge difference. Imagine walking in the door after the worst day at work, to see your clean, calm and welcoming home with flowers in your favorite colors and the smell of baking cookies or soft lavender in the air. Can’t you already feel the difference?


Finally, celebrate your achievements! Welcome the new you to your new home – open a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage, have some great friends over for a spring welcoming party, and inspire them to clean and change, too!


(c) Holly Cochran – iamintellectuallypromiscuous.com  3-16-2013

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