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Small Kitchen Redecorating

Create a convenient and functional kitchen in even the smallest space. Make a wonderful kitchen space within your existing architecture through good interior design choices.

Start with selecting low profile and multifunction appliances and fixtures. Carefully source materials to invent the most inviting space.

Focus your efforts on the food storage, preparation and eating areas.

Storage and Eating

Choose open shelving if your dishware collection or personality can withstand it, or use opaque glass cabinet-fronts. Add double-duty drawers and cabinets to increase storage space throughout the room. Install a narrow rollout cabinet between the refrigerator and cupboards, or a drop-down sponge drawer along the front of the sink.

Create a bistro-style eating area using a drop-leaf table and a couple of tiny chairs tucked into a corner. If your floor plan allows it, install an island that combines storage and dining space. Embrace pot racks for overhead storage and use magnetized knife holders for cutlery.


Plentiful natural lighting helps increase the visual space in your small kitchen. Combine it with the right atmospheric and task lighting with plentiful natural light, and your small space will look much larger. Use low-heat LED lighting under cabinets for task lighting. Drop in colorful pendant lights over key work zones. They will help counteract the blue tint from overhead fluorescent lighting replacing inefficient conventional lights.

Appliances and Fixtures

Find appliances double duty appliances that mount in the wall or under cabinets.

Make a refrigerator alcove from an unused second doorway to the kitchen if you can. Use refrigerator with a moderate footprint and capacity, and look for one that includes not only water and ice dispensers but also a drop-down mini-bar.

Install a sink with an industrial multi-function tap and pull out combo for more countertop space-savings. Invest in a wall-mounted oven or double oven and even a dish drawer that fits into a wall mount space instead of a full-sized dishwasher.

Choose a sleek, frameless induction cook top to reduce space usage and for limiting the heat introduced into the kitchen. These modern wonders feature instant on/instant off technology. A slide-out range hood tucks in neatly overhead, ready to deploy when needed. Add an under-counter microwave or a multi-function wall-mounted microwave that includes convection-cooking technology.

Colors and Materials

Choose bright or deep colors for flooring, walls and countertops balanced by glass front cabinets and plenty of natural light.

In my opinion, it is better to avoid the dated pastel only color palette.

You can still choose the sleek white and black motif to streamline a tiny space. 

In a small kitchen, every bit of color changes the atmosphere of the kitchen. Install a glass-tile backsplash of interesting, soothing colors, or a granite-topped island in an intriguing hue. Splurge on luxury materials that might not be affordable in a mega-kitchen. Select eco-friendly sealed cork flooring or outdoorsy tumbled marble tiles. Go all-in for the Azul blue granite countertops that might cost a fortune elsewhere.