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Article “Trusting Yourself-and Life, Again”

 Article “Trusting Yourself-and Life, Again”

JaiKaur: Women’s Grace, Grit & Gratitude
My clients entrust me with helping them update their beliefs, habits, and choices for creating more joy, integrity, and health in themselves and their relationships.  We begin by building a foundation for learning to trust (again) themselves, life, and their dreams. And once they have done so “well enough”, there is little in life they cannot meet with confidence, creativity, and courage.  

One of the passages engaged in the process of change is realizing how much of what you have been taught (or concluded) about life, needs updating. Not unlike computer operating systems needing to be updated to stay of service, your personal operating system of beliefs, habits, and daily choices need updating as well. Updating your operating system not only increases your satisfaction and fulfillment in life, it is a critical component to living your unique power, purpose, and your passions in life.

One of the software updates I teach people is learning the difference between a conscious/pro-active choice and and a default/reactive choice.  There is much confusion, even with people working on being more conscious (from Latin meaning “knowing of oneself or of others”), of just where is the line between acceptance and response-ability, between being passive and surrendering, between going with the flow and being in their default (from Latin meaning “failing, deceiving”) comfort zone. 

 The answers you seek for crafting a life of joy and purpose, lie not only in the facts you’ve been taught about life…the answers await your living the truths within yourself as well. When you learn to trust your inner authority of knowing, you learn to trust yourself and life again, bringing balance to the authority of the facts outside. Challenging? Perhaps, yet not as challenging as feeling you are lacking meaning of your life, or devoid of truths your own. Honoring your personal (inner) authority carries the price of sacrificing (from Latin meaning “holy”) the false comfort of your defaults in life, for the delight and power of your living spirit in flow.

 Finding your balance between outer authority (from Latin meaning “giving power and control”) you default your power to, and living the wisdom of your inner authority, is a process rewarding and a process requiring commitment, containment, and community.  Awakening to more of your power-as is told by myths young and old-carries with it risks and dangers teachers, guides, and mentors shepherd their students through safely. (Think Gandolf in “Lord of the Rings”). The Western myth of the solitary nature of coming into wisdom and power, is simply a myth, not a truth.


“The first time I went to see JaiKaur, I wanted to keep an open
mind, but really didn’t expect much out of the session. While I
have always thought I was a spiritual person (though not all
that religious), the experience I had was nothing short of life-
evolving. Deep, vivid, spiritual images came to me, with an
emotional connection that was nearly overwhelming. That
session, and those that followed, along with JaiKaur’s guidance
and her own life experiences, helped me to come to some
clarity with regards to several challenging situations in my life.
In short, I find myself very thankful for having that open mind
in the first place, and working with JaiKaur to on my powerful
and personal path of discovery.”  ~Todd

IN Closing,
Look for the second in my series on learning to trust yourself and life again. Human life is an elegant art and science, with delight (from Latin meaning “with light”) and integrity easing your journey. For as ee.cummings put it so eloquently, “to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it’s best night and day to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight”
xo, JaiKaur

JaiKaur mentors women seeking to live their unique power, purpose, and perceptions in a world seeking leadership for change. She offers contemporary and powerful wisdom for supporting women to emboldened living of their purpose, power, and gifts of perception.  JaiKaur knows when a woman honors her grace, grit, and gratitude, she becomes a force to be reckoned with!  To learn more about JaiKaur and the gift of services she offers women, visit her website www.jaikaur.com.