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Trying Pinterest Stuff, or This is Relevant to My Interests

Like any good Pinterest.com fan, I occasionally try things posted on the site. Tonight was dedicated to trying to make my feet less icky callussy crackedy using a supposedly foolproof recipe.


Icky feet

Regular stuff like vaseline and socks overnight, Pedi-Egg and lotion all the time were not working at all. Here is the procedure. I am NOT making this up.

feet in socks


Purple Pedi-Egg. Mine is white. I feel cheated.

First, prepare a 50/50 mix of Listerine or generic and warm to hot water. The mouthwash MUST have alcohol in it, and I would suggest using the cheap stuff in the big plastic bottle. Soak 2 hand towels in the solution while you coat your feet bottoms in shaving cream.  I used Barbasol. It’s $1.50 and it’s for my feet.


Listerine and Barbasol

Wrap a Listerine soaked towel around each foot, then a plastic grocery bag around each foot to catch drips. Chill out for 30 minutes while your feet soak.


Feet processing in Listerine and Barbasol towels

Unwrap feet, scrub feet with the soaked towels and dry off. Liberally apply heavy foot cream. Doing this weekly will supposedly make foot calluses and cracks disappear and you will have baby smooth feet.

I followed the drying off with a good Pedi-Egging before adding the cream. I used a beeswax and milk-based organic hand salve rather than anything lotion or even cocoa butter.

not my feet

Better feet, but still not my feet

Results: Feet are very clean and kind of tingly from the menthol in the shaving cream, I suspect.  Feet are somewhat less cracked. Entire house reeks of Listerine and Barbasol. Even cooking fish in the microwave has not overcome the stench. I’m not sure if this is worth the trade off yet. Make sure to use white or skin colored towels, as other users reported color transfer from the towels to the feet. I’d suggest arranging to not have distractions during the process because staggering around in towel and bag wrapped feet – while hilarious to onlookers – can be dangerous. Safety first.

Suggestions for further research: Find unscented Listerine and use plain unscented shave cream if such things exist. Keep at least 2 of those pink hospital basins around, one for soaking and one for setting the feet while they are covered in shave cream and waiting for the towel. Learn to like smell of Listerine and shave cream.

Bonus previously unreported discovery: Cats do not like the smell of Listerine and shave cream either. I rinsed out the used towels very thoroughly and rinsed out the tub after dumping out the Listerine mix. The towels are hanging in the tub to dry before going in the laundry room. The cats’ food is also in the bathroom and they have an automatic feeder. Usually they run for the feeder when they hear it do the food dump. Not tonight. They won’t go near the place. Interesting. If I could stand the stench, I would cover the counter and tabletop with the mixture just to keep the cats off.

cat feeding

Usual cat feeding behavior at my house

do not want

Cat behavior after smelling Listerine and Barbasol in their food room

Note: Images used are of stunt-feet and stunt-cats. No actual cats or feet were harmed in the making of this post.