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Jobs and Gigs — MicroJob Sites

Eternal kanji

Lots of folks have heard about fiverr.com, a micro-job site where broke folks like me can offer to do “gigs” – little jobs – for $5 a pop.  Everything from getting Facebook followers to proofreading books, to dressing up in a chicken costume and doing the macarena are offered to buyers.  Two days ago, I posted a few “gig” offers for things I do – like researching and writing, giving advice, mouthing off, etc.  Check out my “gigs” here:


No, I will not be offering to dress up in funny costumes and dance, sing, hold a sign, or tattoo anyone’s business logo on my behind. I’ve brought in about $25 in the last 36 hours. So, not bad for sitting on my rear, typing and posting. They say do what you love, and it will become your career. I am pretty good at sitting on my butt, typing and giving opinions, so we will see how this pans out.

When I tweeted and cross-posted my gigs from fiverr, I was contacted by the site vfiverr.com

They requested I also post my gigs (called “jobs”) on their site, which I did. Money is money, after all. After posting my jobs, the site master contacted me and offered to Feature two of my jobs for 3 months, free. Free is good.  Especially since the site charges $100 for 3 months of featurizing jobs, and I sure don’t have $200.  So, now 2 of my jobs are top-lined at this site!  Pretty exciting, especially if it brings in a buck or two.  Check out my vfiverr jobs here: