“On Thursday afternoon, CNN showed footage of Vice President Joe Biden meeting with gun rights groups and talking to reporters about his ongoing efforts to curb gun violence in the United States. Biden said that he would present his recommendations to the president on Tuesday. But before Biden could finish his presentation, CNN cut into his remarks to report on another school shooting. This morning, “at least two people were shot at Taft High School” at 9:00AM and the shooter has reportedly been taken into custody. ”  From BeingLiberal.com – entire article and video there.

WAKE THE HELL UP. Guns everywhere, a cop for every student in the school, not gonna solve this. Limit the clip/magazine size, tax the ever-loving hell out of every bullet sold and every mag/clip sold, enforce the existing registration laws, have massive gun buy-backs, reinstate the assault weapon ban, and throw as much money as possible into mental health services for the poor and under-served. A gun in your home is NOT going to protect you from an intruder – you are many times more likely to shoot someone in your family or to have the gun used against you. Unless you are a trained marksman with combat or police training, your chances of using a gun effectively in any confrontation are less than 20% according to studies. That means 80% of the bullets you fire are going to go somewhere you don’t want them to go. How many more kids and adults have to die over this stupid bullshit?

Stop the Killing

Taft Union High School 1-10-2013. Stop the Killing!