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The Bloody Truth About Serbia’s Vampire – From National Geographic

Following a recent scare, experts shed light on the enduring myth of the undead (Sasha Ingber – National Geographic Daily News).

Vampire skeleton

Toothless “Vampire” Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria. Photograph by Nikolay Doychinov, AFP/Getty Images


Garlic sales are up. Wooden crosses are a hot commodity. That can only mean one thing: Vampire on the loose!

But this isn’t part of a movie script or book. It’s a real-life event in the Serbian town of Zarozje (map), where last month the local council issued a public health warning that the resident vampire, Sava Savanovic, may be on the prowl. (See “Pictures: Toothless ‘Vampire’ Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria.”)

The vampire scare was sparked by reports that an old mill where the vampire allegedly lived has collapsed. According to ABC News, the town’s mayor, Miodrag Vujetic, said: “People are worried, everybody knows the legend of this vampire and the thought that he is now homeless and looking for somewhere else [to live] and possibly other victims is terrifying … ”

Then again, how frightened should you be of a vampire who, as the story goes, can turn into a butterfly? To find out, we spoke with Mark Collins Jenkins, the author of Vampire Forensics, and forensic archeologist and anthropologist Matteo Borrini.

Catch the rest of this actually very fascinating article on National Geographic Daily News.

(Note that there is actually a “Vampire Forensics” book.  Also, I did not know whether to put this on the Science page, or on WTF-ery. I  tossed a coin. Science lost. )