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Archaeologists Discover World’s Oldest Calendar in Scotland

Archaeologists Discover World’s Oldest

Calendar in Scotland

Roff Smith  for National Geographic   Published July 15, 2013

The discovery of a nearly 10,000-year-old lunar calendar in Scotland has archaeologists scrambling to rethink the beginnings of history. The implications are huge, too. It turns out that the men of the Stone Age were not as primitive as we had previously thought.


Scottish Lunar Calendar

The calendar itself is primitive to be sure. However, it is also the oldest calendar ever discovered, predating the bronze calendar in Mesopotamia that had held that title until now by several millennia. The array is made up of 12 pits, one for each month of the year, arranged in a 160-foot-long arc and topped with a series of stones thought to represent the phases of the moon.

The full moon stone, a round seven-foot-wide boulder, is prominently displayed in the middle, and on the far side is a notch to show where the sun would rise on the midwinter solstice 10,000 years ago.

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  A panorama near the Kylesku Bridge, Scotland.                                                                                Image by CollinHobbes at iStockphoto



Alcohol Abuse

This is wrong, so very wrong.

Oops! Workers flush thousands of gallons of whiskey

Allison Linn , NBC News

Workers at Chivas Brothers plant in Scotland have accidentally flushed thousands of gallons of the company’s whiskey, instead of its wastewater, down the drain.

The accident happened Tuesday at the Chivas Brothers plant in Dumbarton, Scotland, where about 600 workers are employed. A spokesman told NBCNews.com that the company produces multiple brands of whiskey at the site.


The Glenlivet line by Chivas

whiskey 2

Chivas Regal







Read more about this horrific tale here: Oops! Workers flush thousands of gallons of whiskey

Note: Later, the article assures us none of the whiskey made it into local waterways.  Locals and tourists alike mourn the dual tragedy.