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Snowmageddon February 2013 Photos

Here are some photos from around noon today 2-21-2013, Snowmageddon 2013. As of this writing at about 5:30 p.m., the snow is coming down again. Yippee. Even Snow Dog Chani was overwhelmed and did not want to be outside. I measured at least 10 inches consistently around my house, drifts up to several feet all over the place. The thundersnow-storm early this morning was pretty interesting, too.

snow dog

Unhappy Snow Dog Chani. Note the 12″ flowerpot buried in the snow. Poor doggums.

6 foot fence

That is a 6 foot wood fence, so you can judge the drifts. The thing to really look at is the drifts up against the garage across the street.


Stairs completely covered. Also – the 3-4 foot hedge in front of the stairs buried solid.


Looking out at the backyard and treeline. Snow came down about 2″ per hour from 7 to noonish today

Deep drifts

Deep drifts. The wall is about 5 feet tall. That makes the drifts 3-4 feet tall?


My foot – and leg- buried calf deep in the snow, in a non-drift area.


I measured snow on the porch at 10 1/2 inches deep in a non-drift area.


Snow Dog Chani making a brave attempt to eat the snow and romp. Fails, because she falls in a drift deeper than she is tall. Now refusing to go outside at all.