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Underground House

Fantastic Real Estate Bargain – Underground


A $1.6 million house built completely underground

MLS ID 1329334

3970 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV  Agent: Winston King

Underground House

Who lives here? The care taker (you heard that in the creepy voice, right?)

Do you have $1.6 million lying around, nothing to do but earn interest? Always dreamed of living near the Strip in Las Vegas? Have I got a deal for you.

5 bedrooms (all 16×20), 4 full baths, 4 car garage. 1.05 acre lot includes caretaker’s house, main home and guest house. Built in 1978. Unique décor.

Built in 1978 by businessman Jerry Henderson and his wife Mary, the house and 1 bedroom guest house are entirely underground. The entrance is through the above-ground caretaker’s house.  Henderson built the place, intending to survive the inevitable end of the world safely underground and away from the nuclear holocaust.

The home features a dance floor, swimming pool (larger than most houses), spa and putting green. It has a faux lawn on all four sides. The place has also been for sale since 2001 with no buyers. The price has dropped from $8 million to $1.7 million, and it’s bank owned.

Underground House

Faux lawn, putting green, etc. on the underground-outside. Is that Faux outside?

Allegedly the home contains over $1 million in Italian marble on the fireplace and around the pool. The great room is truly great – 40×46 feet, containing a dance floor and a stage. The interior of the house looks very Liberace-esque, with indoor fountains and waterfalls, and a pink bathroom and kitchen. Lots and lots of pink.

Underground house

Pink bathroom. So very, very pink

An underground outdoor grill lives inside a large fake rock in the fake yard. It vents through a fake tree. Lavish wallpaper, 360-degree murals, putting green, lighted display cases, and even a toaster built into the kitchen wall are features of this unique property.

Underground house

Kitchen. I’m hungry already.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, it seems, were not only ridiculously rich and devoid of decorating sense, they were also huge proponents of living underground. Henderson’s company sponsored an exhibit at the NY World’s Fair in 1964-65 called “Why Live Underground.” Henderson believed the end of the Cold War would be nuclear inferno rather than the Wall coming down and the haunting sounds of the Scorpions singing “Winds of Change.”

The Scorpions

The Scorpions. Singing Winds of Change. Get with the 80s, man!

Originally the building connected via a tunnel to the building next door, which was Henderson’s office. After the Henderson’s died, the properties went to separate owners and the tunnel was filled.

The listing agent, Winston King, points out that the home is priced at only about $100 per square foot. He anticipates someone will purchase it soon, perhaps for an event space or another Las Vegas tourist tour.

Photos: Trulia Real Estate

Source: Review Journal; Boston.com


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