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Mont Blanc

Mountain Climber Finds Treasure Trove of Gems in The Alps

An unnamed French mountaineer climbing Mont Blanc in the Alps came across a buried metal box. Inside was a stash of rubies, emeralds and sapphires estimated to be worth over $330,000. The hiker turned the treasure over to French authorities, who will attempt to find the owners or heirs.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, French Alps
photo by SNappa2006 on Flickr

Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc is the site of several airplane crashes. One occurred in 1950, another in 1966. The gemstone trove is believed to have been part of the wreckage of the 1950 wreck. Other items including papers and letters have been found in the area over the years.

Mont Blanc

photo from wikimedia

Some of the gemstones were wrapped and labeled “Made in India.” An Air India plane crashed in the area in 1950. The gems were likely part of the ill-fated plane’s cargo, but French authorities say it is still too early to tell.

Source: Wall St. Journal/India

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc reflected in mountain lake                                               photo by by Bruno Monginoux