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Freelance Writer

6/10/2013 Links to Freelance Writing I’ve Done

I do freelance writing, copy writing and web content writing in my off hours, to earn a few extra bucks. Here are links to some of the pages I have written. Notice none have my byline on them. That’s because freelance writing often involves writing anonymously or selling the publishing rights to your articles.

Freelance Writer

The listing below is by no means exhaustive. I have completed well over 200 articles for Textbroker.com and another 200-plus on Fiverr.com. Most recently, I was invited to be a member of the team writing travel articles for Expedia.com.  Pretty exciting!

If you are interested in having me write something for you – be it web content, FAQ pages, articles, blog posts, or even product descriptions for online catalogs – please contact me!

Freelance keyboard

Links to Stuff I Wrote:

http://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/massageschoolsindex.php – all US states copy and the FAQ portion of the landing page listed above

http://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/cosmetologyschoolsindex.php – all US states copy and the FAQ portion of the landing page listed above


http://www.santaynezvacationrentals.com/the-valley/ – all copy on this page, as well as the linked articles under “About the Area” heading

http://www.santaynezvacationrentals.com/blog/celebrities-santa-ynez-valley – entire article

 http://www.santaynezvacationrentals.com/blog/weddings-santa-ynez-ca-wine-country – entire article

http://blog.staffvirtual.com/blog/?Tag=PEO –FAQ article,








I have written articles in English tailored to US, UK, Canadian, and Australian readers. I’m flexible like that!

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